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Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions

CATEGORY : Solution         ATHOR:         2017-11-17 10:19:46
【Summary】: Achieve faster time to deployment and rapidly provision security as your organization grows.

Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions provide customers with a secure mobile management platform and flexible application delivery capabilities that include unified management of devices, applications, content, messaging, Wi-Fi, and connectivity from terminals, data, access, networks and applications End-to-end security protection, all-round protection of corporate information assets, accelerate the "mobile" process.

Solution advantages:

Cover the industry's most complete terminal types: management and protection of all types of mobile terminals, compatible with all types of mainstream operating systems; Three sections of zero-leakage protection: in the end, pipe, cloud three core capabilities to build and protect the security of enterprise information assets;

Massive application Minute level integration: rich partners, providing massive applications, App online integration, less investment in zero waiting. Trends and challenges

The large-scale application of intelligent terminals has further extended the boundary of the office environment and the blurring boundaries between personal and business applications. The open and intelligent mobile platform has made mobile terminals a new security gap.


In view of the contradiction between the individual needs of employees and the compliance of corporate policies, Huawei provides an effective balance solution, and employees have greater personal freedom in equipment selection while ensuring that security policies are not compromised.

Identity: unified decentralized sub-regional strategy control

Hierarchical Management: For multi-branch large enterprises, to provide multi-level flexible user and departmental management;

Fine-grained permissions configuration: A variety of management operations for the management of objects to provide a flexible and detailed administrator decentralization mechanism;

Flexible Portfolio Authorization: Administrators who assign different authorities to different departments.

Privacy: Comprehensive data security and threat protection

E2E (End to End) Data Anti-Leakage: Personal and enterprise data is isolated using sandbox technology; Mobile Security Access Gateway provides application-specific, tunnel-intensive, encrypted transmission; Solution provides remote lock, remote data erasure, GPS Positioning, automatic anti-theft alarm anti-loss function;

Carrier-class Network-Side Mobile Threat Protection: Huawei Telecom's highly reliable USG Series firewalls provide deep network-side threat protection.

Compliance: Lifecycle based mobile device management

Obtain: Follow ITIL asset management standards, support asset discovery registration, password initialization, and provide user agreement template;

Deployment: The solution supports Host Firewall, VPN and Wi-Fi for security configuration and policy enforcement. Integrated App Store App centralized management;

Operation: The solution supports the control of password policies, jailbreak detection and isolation, control of peripheral leak channels, and the security of application operations through remote upgrade and patching.

Recycling: If employees leave or the device is lost, you can uninstall the applications left over on the device, erase the data, and logout. Recycled devices can re-register bindings and deploy applications.