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Video solution

CATEGORY : Solution         ATHOR:         2017-11-17 10:13:19
【Summary】: We offer best-of-breed security services to reduce the burden of costly integration projects.

Huawei end-to-end video solutions, full support 1080P60 ultra HD effects, high reliability, security and stability, easy to use, so that people living in different regions like the same meeting room, enjoy the ultimate video and audio effects brought fun meeting Communicate experience, save on business travel expenses, improve staff productivity, and speed up business decisions.

Faced with the increasingly fierce market competition environment and the trend of internationalization, enterprises need to respond more quickly to customer needs, accelerate decision-making to adapt to the development of the market.

Driven by international trends, there is an increasing demand for collaboration and communication among branches in different regions. Enterprises need to effectively reduce travel expenses, improve the efficiency of communication and reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

As technology evolves, the demands on the conference experience are getting higher and higher, not only with high-fidelity sound but also video and data with a high presence experience. In addition, the system should be easy to use, in order to improve system utilization;

The system needs to be stable and reliable, and a backup mechanism is needed to ensure that the system can run stably for a long time.

It needs to be able to integrate with the existing systems of the enterprise, such as the docking of the office or business system of the enterprise, so that the user can use the videoconferencing service in the familiar environment.

For the current remote communication and collaboration needs of enterprises, Huawei can provide a complete end-to-end video solutions to achieve long-distance communication and collaboration.

1080P60 ultra-high-definition, panoramic seamless telepresence, life size, eye to eye, listening to the sound of the bit, the real natural face-to-face consultation to achieve demeanor, expression and sound comprehensive observation; HD dynamic dual streaming technology;

Huawei video solutions support end-to-end nine-backup solutions such as business management system, core switching platform, bearer network, access terminal, power supply, main control board, service board, network port, audio and video codec chip backup, for the conference Stable and reliable protection;

Voice Calling, Calling Calling, One-Click Access, Wireless Accessory, Wireless Mic and Ease-of-Use Design.

IP, E1, ISDN and other line access methods, 20% network anti-packet loss, super network adaptability. Lync, Sametime, Skype integration, API third-party interface, good system integration and interoperability, protection of existing investment.